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Good Morning lovely people! I’m in Barcelona at the moment :) Arrived here on Wednesday. So it’s been a bit quiet for a couple if days while I’ve been out on the town eating and drinking and walking around. There will be new posts up next week! Until then I leave you with a re-post from Tegan Smiths blog :):) Got a lovely little surprise this morning when I saw it on twitter!
Xx Sofie

Originally posted on TeganSmithPhotography:

I often visit Port Elizabeth and always make time for a few shoots while I am there. This time I met and photographed blogger and jewelry designer Sophie of @FoxandLime. Her jewelry is amazing btw, have a look via her website…We shot in PE central on a quiet morning during the week, the architecture in the city is absolutely amazing so I was very excited when she suggested this location.

Have a look at what we photographed:

2  478IMG_9133IMG_9218IMG_92413 What was your favourite photo from this shoot? I loved the colours that came through as well as the soft light. Soft back lighting has been my obsession lately, have you noticed?



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Saturday’s outfit and ring issues

Hellooooo :)
The weekend is over – hope you all had a fabulous one!
It’s been quite the interesting morning for me…. last night my finger starting swelling up so I spent about 3 hours trying to get my new beautiful engagement ring off. It just would not come off. I tried elevating my arm, putting ice on my finger, using soap, using oil, I tried pushing glad wrap in under the ring to pull it off but nothing helped. So I went back to bed waking up like every 10 mins just to make sure my finger was still above my head and wasn’t turning purple. It was a pulsating, throbbing feeling and my finger felt like it wanted to explode. So this morning Rodney my amazing jeweler came by and had to cut it and bend it open so that I could get it off. Now a few hours after – my finger is still swollen but the pressure inside is going away. Will have to make the ring a bit bigger haha. Thats what you get for pushing a ring on your finger!


That’s how sexy my finger looked hahaha. Like a little balloon!


Anyway now that that is over – here is what I wore on saturday when I got proposed to ;) <3
IMG_8342 IMG_8343 IMG_8346

Wearing: Black dress with lace from Mr.P., brown boots from YDE, black kimono and hat from Cotton On, Chanel 2.55 bag and Elle sunglasses.

Didn’t plan on taking any outfit photos so just took a couple with my iPhone.

I’m engaged!!!!!!!!

Hey lovelies – I have some fantastic news to share!
Yesterday my lovely boyfriend Ryan proposed to me and of course I said YES :):):) <3 So I am now engaged to the love of my life and I couldn’t be happier! <3 <3 <3 I am a fiancé ;) and it feels amazing!

IMG_8340 IMG_8350

Outfit shoot

Good morning darlings! :)
It’s friday – yaaaaayyy! Coffee and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty to wake me up. Great start :):)
Don’t really have any plans yet for the weekend but will be going for drinks tomorrow.  Will have to wait and see what i get up to tonight haha.
What are your plans for the weekend?

Something I’ve wanted to share with you for quite some time now are these photos :) This is the second outfit from my shoot with Tegan Smith (check the first outfit here). The photos were taken in Central PE and I just love how the photos turned out! Tegan is fantastic!
What do you guys think?


Wearing: Light grey top and bag from Zara, ripped jeans from Sissy Boy, Belt from Foschini, Sunglasses from Klines, silver rings from Fox and Lime, shoes…? Some boutique in Greenacres.

Have a lovely weekend!

X Sofie

Boho style

Hola Sweeties!

Here is another recent outfit I wanted to share with you :)
Wore this the other day when the weather was unsure about if it was supposed to be winter or summer. I love boho! I bought my Minnetonka boots back in 2006/2007 and they are still in pretty good condition haha. After seeing Nicole Richie and Kate Moss rock them I had to get myself a pair ;) Those two are still my style icons (among others).

Wearing: Tan Minnetonka fringed boots, slouchy denim shorts, vintage belt, black top from Zara, Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, Elle sunglasses, bracelet/cuff from YDE.


X Sofie


TBT 14.08.14

Good morning!

I’ve got a little #tbt post for you this morning :) Emilio is 10 months old today so I wanted to post a couple of photos from when we just got him.
He had a floppy ear and was so tiny then… not that he’s huge now haha but he is bigger than the standard for chihuahuas weighing 3 kg, standard is max 2.7 kg i think.
Anyway :) He is my baby! Love the little guy <3

IMG_5337 Photo on 2014-01-15 at 12.28 PM #4

With my surfboard. Surfboard. Surfboard…

Heeeey lovelies :)
So I guess for all the fashion peeps the collab between Alexander Wang and Haydenshapes is nothing you’ve probably missed and if you have or just want to see the beauties again then here is the result:


Now if I was a surfer I would be drooling and saving up all the pennies I could find to eventually buy one, but I’m not a surfer. So I would rather buy something from his fashion line instead haha. I’ve tried convincing Ryan that he loved them and should get one like them but that didn’t happen haha. He is getting a new surfboard though. I would keep one of these at home as a decoration ;)
What do you think? Do you love them? I’m crazy about marble at the moment!

X Sofie